Contact radioamateur du 19/05/2023

Un contact Radioamateur est prévu le 19/05/2023 vers 18H20 UTC (20H20 heure de Paris).

Il aura lieu entre l’astronaute Warren HOBURG (KB3HTZ) et le Webb Bridge Middle School, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Le contact sera en télébridge sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite.
Il sera conduit par une station Italienne (IK1SLD) et donc audible depuis la France.

Le contact sera conduit en Anglais.

Voici les questions :

1. What was your first mission and how did it make you feel?
2. What was the hardest and easiest part and challenges of becoming an astronaut?
3. What is the weirdest thing you have encountered in space?
4. What is the most profound lesson you learned from your experience in space, and how has it changed
your perspective on life?
5. How major is the difference between daily life in space and earth? Would things in space like gravity
change your daily routines?
6. If space does not have the same gravitational pull as the earth, then how does your body stay healthy
and stable?
7. If I were to become an astronaut, what would you tell me you wish that you knew when you started
your career?
8. What is training like? Do a lot of people quit?
9. When you’ve just left the atmosphere, and you can see earth and all the other planets from afar, what
do you feel? Do you have a sense of love for the universe and how amazing it is?
10. Does it hurt when you go back into the Earth’s atmosphere after you’ve gotten used to little to no
11. I have a friend that told me that astronauts faint a lot after they come back to Earth, is this true?
12. What do you do when you get bored in the spacecraft?
13. Has there ever been a moment where there was a challenging situation and you and your other
astronaut friends aboard the ISS has to work together to solve the problem?
14. What would you do if your spaceship was suddenly going down and you weren’t able to control it?
15. What happens if someone drifts out to space? Are there emergency protocols or anything to do to
save them?
16. If your nose is itchy on a spacewalk, what do you do?
17. As you are blasting off, what does it feel like, is it nerve racking?
18. Can you communicate with your family while you are in space? If so, how?
19. How do you set your sleep schedule?
20. How do you plan to take out the trash in space?

Bonne écoute 🙂

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