Contact radioamateur du 27/05/2019

Un contact Radioamateur aura lieu le Lundi 27/05/19 vers 16H31 UTC (18H31 heure de Paris). Il aura lieu entre David St-Jacques (KG5FYI) et le Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC), Cartago and San Carlos, Costa Rica.


Le contact aura lieu en télé bridge sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite. Il sera conduit par une station Italienne (IK1SLD) et donc sera audible depuis la France.



Le contact sera conduit en Anglais.

Voici les questions :

1. What sentiments and feelings did you have when seeing space for the first time?

2. A journey to Mars will have to deal with multiple gravity transitions. Are there any projects of experiments that were proposed for this matter by space agencies?

3. How do you think the astronaut business will change with the advent of self-funded private human spaceflight?

4. Given your background as a physician, what areas of medicine do you think will be key to innovate and research to successfully undertake long term deep space missions?

5. What advice would you give to young students interested on being an astronaut or being involved in human spaceflight?

6. How will the space station influence the future plans for reaching the moon in 2024?

7. How much time did it take you to learn to fly a jet and what did you enjoy the most about that experience?

8. What challenging experiences did you have to face in order to become an astronaut?

9. Given your extremely great time management skills for being able to accomplish your 3 majors, and such other studies. What advice could you give other people about time management skills?

10. Of the experiments that you are working on right now on the ISS, what is your favorite? And what’s it about?

11. Will your research on long distance medicine have an impact on medical services provided to remote communities, like Canada’s Inuit people?

12. Now that you have experienced living in space for several months, what are two things you would recommend space ships have incorporated in their design for long term space voyages?

13. Will you please come and visit us at TEC when you and your family are on your next trip to Costa Rica?

Bonne écoute 😉

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