Contact radioamateur du 30/04/2020 (Youtube seulement, non audible depuis la France)

Un contact Radioamateur aura lieu le Jeudi 30/04/20 vers 13H35 UTC (15h35 heure de Paris).
Il aura lieu entre un astronaute et des étudiants de la région du New Hampshire (non audible depuis la France).
Il s’agit d’un télé-bridge multipoint.


En effet, les étudiants, poseront depuis leur foyer respectif les questions à l’astronaute via la Station radioamateur AB1OC.

Il est possible de suivre le contact ici :

Le contact sera conduit en Anglais.


Voici les questions :

1. What does the sun look like from outer space?
2. How comfortable is it to sleep in space?
3. What is one thing you want to eat when you get back to earth?
4. I’ve heard that stars are red, yellow and blue. Can you see those colors in space when you look at the stars?
5. Besides your family, what do you miss most while being in space?
6. What are your thoughts on our Covid-19 situation right now? Does the Earth look differently over the last 3
months now that many people are inside and not creating pollution?
7. How often do you get to go out of the ISS? Have you been on any space walks?
8. Who makes the rocket that takes you to the ISS?
9. What does it feel like to float all the time?
10. Do you use flashlights on space walks?
11. How do you exercise in space?
12. How do you get out for space walks safely without the air from the ISS coming out into space? How does it
feel to walk in space?
13. What do you wear in the space station?
14. How did it feel when you first got to space?
15. How is space different from Earth?
16. What do you study in school to become an astronaut?
17. What do you like the most about being in space?
18. Were you nervous when you launched into space?
19. How do you communicate with loved ones while you are in space?

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