Contact radioamateur du 22/09/2023

Un contact radioamateur est prévu le 22/09/2023 vers 16H19 UTC (18H19 heure de Paris).

Iranian astronaut as mission commander to the ISS - Queen Farah PahlaviIl aura lieu entre l’astronaute Jasmin Moghbeli (KI5WSL) et l’école La Salle de Torreon au Mexique.

Le contact sera en télébridge sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite.
Il sera conduit par une station italienne (IK1SLD) et donc audible depuis la France.

Le contact sera conduit en anglais.


Students First Names & Questions:
1. Mía: What is the daily routine of work and activities of an astronaut and how are they organized to
perform scientific investigations?
2. Andrea: How is the weather on the space station? When you return to earth, do you have a
different feeling in terms of climate and environmental seasons?
3. Carolina: What was the greatest sacrifice you have made to be able to be where you are now?
4. Danna: Do you believe that life exists not only on earth, but also elsewhere in the universe?
5. Stephany: What are you most passionate about in your career as an astronaut, and what would
you say to people who aspire to be one?
6. Paula: What has been the biggest mental or physical challenge you have experienced on the space station?
7. Esteban: As a member of a space station, what has been the most surprising moment you have
experienced in space so far? How has it affected you personally and professionally?
8. Roberto: We often hear about scientific research being conducted on the International Space
Station, but could you share a personal moment that made you appreciate the beauty and wonder of
space while living on the station?
9. Ivanna: My dream is to work at NASA. I have been in several science and technology competitions
to achieve it, and I am very interested in technology, space, and undiscovered things, what else could
I do to get there?
10. Nicolas: How does your perspective change as a human being, when you see deep space?
11. Angela: According to your experience, what are the physical and personal attributes that an
astronaut needs to be prepared to go the space station and return to earth?
12. Daniel: What is the most powerful space rocket in the world and why?
13. Niza: What sparked your interest in space and how did you become an astronaut?
14. Joshua: How hard is it to get used to the lack of gravity? How long did it take you to get used to
15. Pedro: What sensation does your body feel when you leave and return to the earth?

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