Contact radioamateur du 21/09/2021 entre Akihiko Hoshide KE5DNI et le Children’s National Hospital de Washington DC

Un contact Radioamateur aura lieu le mardi 21/09/2021 vers 18H05 UTC (20H05 heure de Paris). Il aura lieu entre Akihiko Hoshide KE5DNI et le Children’s National Hospital de Washington DC.

Le contact aura lieu en direct via la station telebridge multi-point italienne IK1SLD en VHF sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite et sera audible depuis la France. Le contact se fera en anglais.

Bonne écoute

Students First Names & Questions:

1. What are some of the tools that you use to help you safely breathe in space?

2. What do the Northern Lights look like in space?

3. What does your body feel like in space? How do you feel normal again?

4. Can you please describe the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in space?

5. Is the food we buy on earth the same food you eat in space?

6. How do you feel emotionally and physically during the initial takeoff? What is the atmosphere like inside of the rocket?

7. Has there been any discovery that there is other life in this universe?

8. How much of Earth can you identify from space?

9. What happens if you get injured/hurt in space? Are there doctors on board?

10. How long does it take to get the Moon and Mars from Earth?

11. How heavy is the spacesuit?

12. What inspired you to become an astronaut?

13. What species of animals have been to space?

14. Can you have your own pets in space?

15. Where do astronauts sleep while in the spaceship?

16. How do you clean your spacesuit while in space? Do you have laundry on board?

17. What specific devices do you use to stay active and workout while in space?

18. What was the coolest part about training to become an astronaut?

19. How does it feel to come back to earth and how does your body react?

20. What galaxy would you like to go to most and why?

21. How old were you when you first went to space?

22. Where does your trash go?

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