Contact radioamateur du 21/07/2021 entre Shane Kimbrough (KE5HOD) et le SpaceKids Global in Winter Park, Floride

Un contact Radioamateur aura lieu le mercredi 21/07/21 vers 17H47 UTC (19H47 heure de Paris).
Il aura lieu entre Shane Kimbrough (KE5HOD) et le SpaceKids Global in Winter Park, Florida – USA

Le contact aura lieu en télébridge en VHF sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite.
Il sera conduit par une station Italienne (IK1SLD) et donc sera audible depuis la France.

Le contact sera conduit en Anglais.

Bonne écoute 😀

Students First Names & Questions:
1. Annalise: What is your favorite outer space food? Do you have lots of different things to eat?
2. Phailani: In Girl Scouts, we are taught to use resources wisely. How could this concept be applied to NASA and the space industry?
3. Mackenzie: What do you do for fun on the ISS?
4. Kiley: What is your favorite piece of experiment/research that you have worked on in space?
5. Lauren: What does it feel like in space?
6. Annalise: Do astronauts get sick when they’re in space and how would they handle it if so?
7. Phailani: What would happen if you brought a compass to outer space with you?
8. Mackenzie: How high can you jump on the moon?
9. Kiley: What is Oobleck like in space? Would it act the same as on Earth? Would it firm up when hit or thrown or would it stay all oozy?
10. Lauren: What do you do for fun during your free time when you are on the International Space Station?
11. Annalise: Do you have any live animals on the International Space Station?
12. Phailani: What kinds of food have you been able to grow in space so far?
13. Mackenzie: What math did you take and use on the International Space Station?
14. Kiley: Would you be excited to meet an alien while you were in space and what would you want them to know about Earth?
15. Lauren: Which is more fun- the ride to the ISS or the trip home? What does it feel like?
16. Annalise: What’s your favorite piece of research you’ve worked on while in space?
17. Phailani: What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
18. Mackenzie: What are some challenges that you have to face trying to readjust back to your normal life after being in space?
19. Kiley: Do you take social media photos or videos in space and how do you post them?
20. Lauren: When was a time that you had failed at something in your journey in becoming an astronaut, why did you decide to keep pushing through?
21. Annalise: What are some major hurdles to make it to Mars?
22. Phailani: How much training and what kind?
23. Mackenzie: How would you describe weightlessness?
24. Kiley: Does astronaut height increase in Space and come back to normal after returning to earth?
25. Lauren: What is your advice to a female that is looking to get into the space industry?

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