Contact radioamateur du 19/06/2019

Un contact Radioamateur aura lieu le Mercredi 19/06/19 vers 08H49 UTC (10H49 heure de Paris). Il aura lieu entre David St-Jacques (KG5FYI) et King Island District High School, Currie, TAS, Australie.


Le contact aura lieu en télébridge sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite. Il sera conduit par une Italienne (IK1SLD) et donc sera audible depuis la France.


Le contact sera conduit en Anglais.



Voici les questions :

  1. Brooke: Why did you become an astronaut?


  1. Declan: What training do you need to be an astronaut to go to space and where did you do your training?


  1. Tia: What sort of food do you eat and how do you determine your meal times in space?


  1. Evan: What do you do in your spare time so you don’t get bored while in space?


  1. Molly: Does it get lonely in space?


  1. Katina: How do you exercise in space?


  1. Angus: How old is the International Space Station and do parts wear out in space like they do on earth?


  1. Ameila: What is your job on the ISS and how do you do it?


  1. Carlos: What are space worms and why are they so important in space?


  1. Lawson: How long does it take to orbit the earth?


  1. Caedel: Have you researched the black hole and if so, how big is it?


  1. Angus: What kind of research do you do?


  1. Janelle: Do you have any advice for any of our students wishing to follow in your career path?

Bonne écoute 😉

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