Contact radioamateur du 19/04/18

Un contact Radioamateur aura lieu le Jeudi 19/04/2018 vers 12H05 UTC (14H05 heure de Paris). Il aura lieu entre Ricky ARNOLD, (KE5DAU) et une école Anglaise : Kings High School, Warwick, UK.

Le contact aura lieu en direct sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite. Il sera conduit par une station Anglaise (GB4KHS) et donc audible sur une partie de l’Europe.


Pour la vidéo en direct du contact, c’est ici :




Le contact sera en anglais.

Voici les questions :

1. (Eleanor G, Yr12): When we colonize Mars, what is the most important thing we need to learn from our ancestors’ mistakes on Earth?

2. (Florence J, Yr 4): What types of weather can you get on Mars that we would have to tackle if humans were going to live there?

3. (Shubhangi B, Yr12): Considering the research into life support systems on the ISS and research into in-situ resource utilization, how long after the first manned mission to Mars do you think that a Mars colony can be self-sufficient?

4. (Gigi T, Yr9): Now that you are on the ISS would you have done anything differently during training, physically or mentally?

5. (Emma W, Yr12): Having experienced the vastness of space, do you believe there are other forms of life in the universe?

6. (Maddy S-L, Yr11): How has your journey to space changed your perspective on human life?

7. (Imogen M, Yr11): What aspect of space travel do you think needs to be improved in the next 10 years to get us further into space?

8. (Evey H, Yr12): What is the most magnificent place on Earth from space?

9. (Rosie S, Yr7): How does not having daylight or seasons in space affect you compared to being on Earth?

10. (Olivia L, Yr6): Is it true that the atmosphere changes your sense of taste up in space?

11. (Shivanshi B, Yr9): How does the feeling of weightlessness compare to the training underwater on Earth?

12. (Martha F, Yr10): How far into the future is the technology needed to make travelling between solar systems the norm?

13. (Olivia B, Yr11): We all know space can be a dangerous environment. How do you and your fellow astronauts protect yourselves whilst on the ISS?

14. (Emma C, Yr11): What does your training on Earth entail to help you cope with the effects of the lack of gravity on your sleep?

15. (Emma R, Yr9): What part of nature do you miss most from Earth when you are in space?

16. (Holly S, Yr10): How difficult is it for your body to adjust to life in space?

17. (Amy P, Yr9): What’s the one thing that surprised you most when you first saw Earth from space?

18. (Jade B, Yr11): What’s your advice to young people dreaming of becoming involved in space programs?

Bonne écoute 😉

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