Contact radioamateur du 18/10/23

Un contact Radioamateur est prévu le 18/10/2023 vers 09H57 UTC (11H57 heure de Paris).

Il aura lieu entre l’astronaute Loral O’Hara (KI5TOM) et le St Peter in Thanet CE Junior School, Broadstairs, Kent, GB.

Le contact sera en direct sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite.
Il sera conduit par une station Anglaise (GB4SPT) et donc audible depuis la France.

Le contact sera conduit en Anglais.

Voici les questions :

1. Is it hot or cold in space, and if it’s hot how do you keep cool and if it’s cold how do you keep warm in your spacesuit?
2. Is it really true that girls are better suited to space than boys?
3. How do you tell if it’s night or day on the international space station?
4. Would you be happy to live in space for the rest of your life if you were told to?
5. What are your thoughts about space travel in the future for mankind?
6. In the future will we be able to take holidays to the international space station?
7. Do you think living organisms will ever be found in space, and if so what could they be?
8. Do you get dizzy in space when you are not moving? Or does the lack of gravity mean that you do not get dizzy?
9. Does the ISS shake when a Soyuz spacecraft docks?
10. I know we can measure gravity, but what is gravity?
11. What is the furthest distance a human has travelled away from Planet Earth?
12. What would happen if you played on a swing in space?
13. What is the most amazing thing you have seen on earth from the space station?
14. How do fires behave in space?
15. Have you seen any comets?
16. How much work do you have to do on the space station each day, and what do you do in your spare time?
17. My brother and I love space, my brother especially loves the moon. We would love to be able to explore space one day. What advice can you give us, to help our dreams come true?
18. What did you study in school to become an astronaut?
19. How does the space station renew the oxygen inside the station?
20. What is different about growing plants in space and do you think we’ll be able to grow food for long term space missions?
21. Will there be a point soon when you can watch Netflix or use your mobile phone in Space – as you are near the satellites that operate the signals?

Bonne écoute 😊

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