Contact radioamateur du 10/10/2023

Un contact radioamateur est prévu le mardi 10 octobre 2023 vers 11H36 UTC (13H36 heure de Bruxelles/Paris).

Iranian astronaut as mission commander to the ISS - Queen Farah PahlaviIl aura lieu entre l’astronaute Jasmin Moghbeli (KI5WSL) et la Belgian Defence (KSOO) de Sint-Truiden, Belgique.

Le contact se fera sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite par la station ON4BAF. L’indicatif utilisé sera OR4ISS et sera audible depuis la France.

Le contact sera conduit en anglais.


1. How can you tell time? Does day and night exist in the space station?
2. What was your motivation to become an astronaut?
3. Which kind of pollution (air pollution, plastics in the sea...) is visible from space?
4. How does the ISS maintain its orbit?
5. How did it feel when you took off?
6. How did you feel the first time you realized you were in space?
7. What convinced you to go to space?
8. How does the ISS protect its crew from electromagnetic radiation from space?
9. In February 2018 Elon Musk launched a Tesla (car) in space. Have you already been able to spot it in space?
10. What are the requirements to be an astronaut?
11. Who does the laundry on board of the ISS?
12. What was the most impressive or breathtaking sight you have witnessed in space?
13. Do you ever change course and how fast can the spaceship change its course?
14. What are the means of survival in the ship?
15. How many of you can exit the ISS to do work outside? Is there a minimum and/or a maximum?
16. Can you describe the psychological and emotional impact of living in a confined space for an extended period?
17. How many hours of sleep do you have daily? And is that sleep the same as in your bed at home?
18. Are your clothes comfortable?
19. How is the inside temperature of ISS managed in space?
20. Is there a smell in space?


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