Contact radioamateur du 06/10/2023

Un contact radioamateur est prévu le vendredi 06 octobre 2023 vers 13H11 UTC (15H11 heure de Paris).

Iranian astronaut as mission commander to the ISS - Queen Farah PahlaviIl aura lieu entre l’astronaute Jasmin Moghbeli (KI5WSL) et l’Université de Technologie de Dublin en Irlande.

Le contact se fera sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite par la station EI1ISS. L’indicatif utilisé sera OR4ISS et sera audible depuis la France.

Le contact sera conduit en anglais.

Students First Names & Questions:
1. Fatma (9): How long does it take to train to become an astronaut?
2. Bhavesh (10): How does it feel to take off into space?
3. Nadine T (10): How do you contact your family?
4. Nathanael (10): Does the International Space Station break down often?
5. Zofia (10): Do you feel stress or anxiety when you are in outer space?
6. Ethan (10): How do you know when it is morning and night time?
7. Taha (9): Do you dream differently in space?
8. Nadine B (10): How does returning from space affect your body?
9. Nathan (10): How do you get a haircut in space?
10. Anastasia (10): What skills do you need to go into space?
11. Shayleigh (10): How do you keep your food fresh?
12. Fletcher (10): What happens if you hurt yourself, does your blood float?
13. Fatma (9): What is the scariest part of being an astronaut?
14. Bhavesh (10): Could you bring your pet with you to the Space Station?
15. Nadine T (10): Is it difficult to wear your space suit?
16. Nathanael (10): What made you want to become an astronaut?
17. Zofia (10): What is, in your opinion, the best and worst food on the space station?
18. Ethan (10): What do you do in your free time?
19. Taha (9): During launch, where does the first stage end up?
20. Nadine B (10): What happens if you break wind while in the space station?

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