contact ARISS prévu le 31 décembre 2011 à 14h04 UTC avec le musé de GDansk en pologne

Un contact radio avec la station spatiale internationale (ISS) est panifié le 31 décembre 2011 à 14h04 UTC avec le musée « Hitorical Museum de » Gdańsk en Pologne. La durée du contact sera d’environ 9 minutes et 30 secondes. Il sera réalisé en anglais entre la station SP2ZIE et OR4ISS ( Daniel C. Burbank KC5ZSX).

Le contact sera audible en voie descendante sur : 145.800 Mhz.

ARISS Pologne devrait mettre en oeuvre une diffusion vidéo en directe de l’évènement :

Ci-dessous la liste des questions en anglais (cela vous permet de suivre le contact)

  • 1. Is it true that various places on the station can sometimes host unwanted colonies of bacteria and mold ? Are they a subject of research ?
  • 2. Is there currently an experiment on the station that involves growing protein crystals and if yes, are they different from the ones grown on Earth ?
  • 3. Are you doing an experiment on the station that involves the facility studies of fermentation processes in space ?
  • 4. Does your stay on board the International Space Station cause problems within your enjoyable and comfortable, what would they be ? circulatory system ?
  • 5. Can astronauts grow their own vegetables on the ISS for eating ? Have you done it ?
  • 6. What possibilities does the lack of gravity grant ?
  • 7. How does it feel to be flying in microgravity ?
  • 8. What were the different steps of assembling the ISS ?
  • 9. Do astronauts get earaches when being launched into space as I do when I’m flying on a plane ?
  • 10. Did you dream to be an astronaut when you were a child ?
  • 11. How do you feel when spaceship engines are starting ?
  • 12. How are you prepared for potential dangers on board the ISS ?
  • 13. Is it possible to see the Great Wall of China from the ISS ? What else is well visible from Low Earth Orbit ?
  • 14. Are NASA astronauts involved in designing new private spacecrafts like SpaceX ?
  • 15. Do you celebrate national holidays on the Station, and if yes, how ?
  • 16. Looking at the Earth, how would you express your personal message to the inhabitants of this pale blue dot ? What would be the best way to become a space-conqueror in the future ?
  • 19. Can you see northern lights from the ISS ?
  • 20. If you had two wishes as to how to make life and work on the ISS even more enjoyable and comfortable, what would they be ?

Source ARISS

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