Contact ARISS planifié le 19 février 2016 à 14h23 UTC avec l’Oasis Academy Brightstowe

Un contact ARISS planifié le 19 février 2016 à 14h23 UTC avec l’Oasis Academy Brightstowe au Royaume-Unis. Il sera opéré en direct par GB1OAB.

Il sera audible au dessus de l’Europe sur 145,800 Mhz. La langue utilisée est l’anglais.

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Le contact sera retransmis en vidéo sur le site ARISS Principia.

Afin de suivre le contact voici les questions suivantes seront posées :

  • 1. Emily (12): From my research, I have found out that you are taking part in 265 experiments. Which one is the most important for us here on Earth?
  • 2. Luke (15): In your opinion, will unmanned missions ever be equal to manned ones?
  • 3. Francesca (16): In a microgravity environment, can dust, debris and liquids cause a danger, and if so how do you deal with it?
  • 4. Seema (15): My aim is to be the first female Afghan astronaut. What would be the one most important piece of advice that you have for me?
  • 5. Jack (11): Were you told what experiments you had to do, or did you get to choose?
  • 6. Ashleigh (16): How many days supplies do you have on board should a resupply mission not would you potentially be able to live for, and how would you survive the longest?
  • 7. Lewis (16): How did you build the confidence to go into space?
  • 8. Natalie (16): Why should we continue to fund expensive space missions when we have more pressing problems on Earth?
  • 9. Nazain (18): If the world’s leaders could see the earth from your current perspective, do you think there would be a better consensus to sort out the problems of the world
  • 10. Kerys (10): Did anything in your previous career or experiences, prepare you for space?
  • 11. Jacob (9): Why did you want to become an astronaut?
  • 12. Emily (12): When you push on the wall of the space station behind you to move forward, does the space station move backwards due to the principle of conservation of momentum?
  • 13. Luke (15): What do you think of NASA’s planned one way Mars mission, and would you go if given the opportunity?
  • 14. Francesca (16): Can you feel the ISS shake or wobble?
  • 15. Seema (15): Being in a microgravity environment causes a decrease in muscle mass and bone density. Other than exercise, what measures are you taking to protect your health?
  • 16. Jack (11): Considering that in space you are weightless and time has a different value, do you age at a different rate?
  • 17. Kerys (10): Astronauts go through such lengthy and intensive training for their journeys. Was there anything that you were not prepared for?
  • 18. Jacob (9): How are your experiments helping to save our Earth?
  • 19. Natalie (16): What do you miss about being on earth?
  • 20. Nazain (18): Other than the earth, can you tweet a picture of your favourite sight in space?

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