Contact ARISS avec W.T. Sampson (DoD school), Guantanamo Bay, Cuba audible en Europe

Le 11 février 2015 à 15:58 UTC devrait se dérouler un contact ARISS entre la IR0ISS et l’école W.T. Sampson (DoD school), Guantanamo Bay, Cuba via la station télébridge Italienne IK1SLD.

PNG - 124.2 ko

De ce fait, le contact devrait être audible en Europe.

Le contact, d’une durée prévu d’environs 9 mn sera exécuté en anglais.

La fréquence de descentes est 145,800 Mhz

Pour vous aider à suivre, voici la liste des questions :

  • 1. How long did it take you to reach the ISS after launch ?
  • 2. What is the overall size of the space station ? How big are the compartments ?
  • 3. What are you researching on the ISS ?
  • 4. What made you want to become an astronaut ?
  • 5. How many days have you been in space ?
  • 6. How type of education does one need to become an astronaut ?
  • 7. What time is it on the space station and how do you know when to sleep ?
  • 8. What happens to your muscles when you return to Earth ?
  • 9. What type of training do you do before going up into space ?
  • 10. How did you feel the first time you launched into outer-space ?
  • 11. When launching, how long does it take to leave the atmosphere ?
  • 12. Since you all live together and are always close to each other, how do you solve conflicts and arguments ?
  • 13. Where do you get fruits and vegetables ?
  • 14. What has been your favorite experience so far on board the ISS ?
  • 15. What do you miss most about Earth while you are on the ISS ?
  • 16. How long can you stay in space ?
  • 17. What are you trying to accomplish on the space station ?
  • 18. How many times have you been to the ISS ?
  • 19. What is it like wearing a space suit ?
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