Contact radioamateur du 22/03/2021

Un contact Radioamateur aura lieu le Lundi 22/03/21 vers 18H27 UTC (19H27 heure de Paris).
Il aura lieu entre Shannon WALKER (KD5DXB) et le Oakwood School, Morgan Hill, CA, USA.


Le contact aura lieu en télébridge sur 145.800 MHz (+/-3 KHz de doppler) en FM étroite.
Il sera conduit par une station Italienne (IK1SLD) et donc sera audible depuis la France.

Le contact sera conduit en Anglais.

Voici les questions :

1. Marcus (Grade 2): What is your favorite place on the ISS?

2. Remy (Grade 3): Are you currently conducting any experiments yourself?

3. Lauren (Grade 8): What was your favorite part of Astronaut training?

4. Daniel (Kindergarten): What advice do you have for a 6-year-old that wants to be an astronaut?

5. Andrew (Grade 5): What is the hardest thing you have had to do in space?

6. Alice (Grade 1): Is the coronavirus on the ISS and do you need to wear masks?

7. Henry M. (Grade 5): Do you and your crewmates play games in space?

8. Benno (Grade 4): Can you still do your favorite Earth hobbies on the ISS?

9. Cate (Grade 8): Are your astronaut outfits customizable (like can you make them different colors)?

10. Thomas (Grade 12): What happens if there is a medical emergency on the ISS?

11. Ishan (Grade 7): Who was your role model growing up and how have they helped you succeed in becoming an astronaut?

12. Addelyn (Grade 3): How do you communicate with all the astronauts that come from different countries?

13. Aiden (Preschool): Who is your favorite Avenger/superhero and why?

14. Noelle (Grade 6): What is the object you miss the most that is on planet Earth?

15. Miriam (Grade 4): What was the hardest part of the training, and did you think you were going to pass?

16. Anaya (Grade 12): Do the constellations from the space station look different from how they do on Earth?

17. Charlotte (Grade 1): We’ve noticed you use a lot of towels– what if you run out of towels?

18. Luke (Grade 7): Although zero-gravity sounds fun at first, does it get “old” after a while?

19. Annabelle (Grade 4): If you were given the chance, would you like to be the first person to mars?

20. Arjun (Grade 9): How do you stay connected with your family on Earth while in space and how long do you get to talk or see them?

Bonne écoute 🙂

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